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Customer Reviews

  • Georgia Feightner
    " They did a great job! I will definatley use them again in the future!"

  • Herb Sharples

    We did want to express our satisfaction with the work Bill performed on our kitchen vinyl.  He is certainly a master craftsman.  No matter how good the product, we are old enough to know it means nothing unless properly installed.  There is always a degree of uncertainty in entering into a project like this.  What a pleasure it is when someone like Bill comes in and makes our hopes for an improved kitchen come true.  Nor do we wish to overlook the imput, skill, and patience you showed us in finalizing the project.  You were a real source of encouragment.

    So thank you all for a job well done.

  • Linda Fitzpatrick
    The carpet is beautiful, and your installers were wonderful!

  • Bill Trier
    Thanks for the GREAT job!! I'll use you again for sure.